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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 19, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> neil: beware of the small print. it will always get you in big trouble. ask carnival cruise passengers who are finding out the hard way, they might not be able to sue in court because the carnival ticket fine print covers even feces in the hall. who knew? lawyers. that's who knew. the same lawyer that put together the healthcare law and stood by politicians when they said stupid stuff like this. >> we have to pass the bill, so that you can find out what is in it. >> neil: well, never mind the lawyers actually knew what was in it. they wrote it. they just didn't feel telling us all the stuff that was in it. push coverage for preexisting conditions or keeping older kids on your policy. gloss over the bad stuff like thousands of part-time workers probably, well, losing the policies, collateral damage. i.e.d. now, top obama architect of that law admitting the
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obvious, the healthcare law is messy. you think? nothing he neglected to point out a few years ago when the warning could have come in handy. too late. we're knee-deep now and it's costing us through the nose. premiums going up much more than they said. doctors dropping out of their professions, much more than they feared. fine mess, i'm sure, in the fine print. where i'm equally sure there was a blanket policy for policy that would provide no blanket no, warmth, no protection, guarantee you could keep your doctor or plan. no plan. if only the guys read was what they wrote. fine print or no, it's law of the land. the ship sailed and we're all on the same ship. kind of like the carnival passengers. just discovering, even in a sinking cruise, offer you won't guarantee you won't up a be in deep ship.
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so senator, this is for you. healthcare got to be a huge deal. it is right and left phenomenon. we are digging a ditch at 8:00 p.m. tonight. i am going to be all over it. it will stop. >> andrea: hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: republicans are trying to figure out what the party stands for and what change they need to make to win back the white house in 2016. one spur to know us on -- one spur focusing on winning back minority voters. today, rand paul jumped on board. the winner of the cpac straw poll addressing the chamber of commerce in washington had to
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say. >> republicans need to become parents of a new future with latino voters or we'll need to resign ourselves to being a permanent minority status. republicans pushed them away with harsh rhetoric over immigration. the conversation needs to start by acknowledging that we aren't going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants. my hope is today we begin a dialogue between g.o.p. and latinos. dialogue that shows the g.o.p. sees all immigrants as assets and that latinos can see the g.o.p. as party of opportunity. >> andrea: well, he is one of many who have turned their position toward a more forward-looking position on immigration reform. dana, this would be almost unthinkable. i think years ago your former boss came out and talked about immigration reform. a lot of folks on the right stayed away from it. they're all moving in that direction. politics or the right thing to do or both. >> dana: they did more than stay away from it. they destroyed it. it wasn't -- the democrats
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didn't come to the table to show cards. the republicans and certainly the talk, talk radio circuit was really difficult. i remember we used to ask tony snow when he was press secretary, go on all the talk radio shows. put him in the room for an hour. bring him vanilla latte anytime he wanted it and get him to talk to people to understand what was going on. i think the bill failed because of politics. reading today in president bush's book "decision points" he says he wished he had done immigration before social security, because he thinks there would have been bipartisan support for it before he tried. but it failed mostly because harry reid called a cloture vote. over, some of the issues take a long time to marinate. that that as people thought it through, i think they realize it's not having a good comprehensive immigration policy is hurting us economically and it's not the right thing to do. it's time to solve it. i admire everyone for coming
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to the table. but i want to make a point. what rand paul is saying is contrast to gang of eight. his idea is security first, legalization and then citizenship. gang of eight put forward legalization, security and then citizenship. that seems like you could find a compromise, but that is a big leap between security and legalization piece and flipping them. >> andrea: what do you think, eric? >> eric: rand paul opened up a can of whoop-ass on the hill and they were flooded with calls say dog you care to weigh in on rand paul's idea? he threw people for a loop. he came out with an idea at one point he said leads to path of citizenship, which is different from a lot of things they say and has been proposed in past. what he said talk tablet comprehensive immigration reform, without the citizenship part, might have had a lot of people on board. but he took the up-side he had from the filibuster on the conservative far right, and he
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blew it out of the water and said you know what? marco rubio, let me give it back to you. give you the ball back. in essence this is rubio's idea plan but rapid pau rand pae conservative. now he has people scratching his head. me inclusive. >> andrea: do you think there is a lot of people on the right scratching their head? there were voices at cpac but how much of a challenge do you think it would be. marco rubio made rounds on talk radio. a different response than before. it seems like the majority of the g.o.p. moving in that direction. so how much push back is he getting? >> greg: there is head scratching but mainly because of the bed bugs in the hotel. let's forget about the mexicans. it's the wrong argument. we need a path to citizenship for america's far left. who is more productive in america? mexican working three jobs or your average "new york times" editor? think about the left first. i would like to salute the
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people nobody talks about the legal immigrant. no one talks about the legal immigrant. the guy that waits in line. the guy that doesn't jump over a fence or get to a tunnel. these people wait in line and do the right thing. rand paul is right. in order to do this, you have to create a system. you can't sneak in to disney land. first, you strengthen the borders. then you get in line behind people that are already there. then you chuck the criminals. you have can'tp do three and two without one, though. one is necessary. >> eric: they already broke the law. they have broken the law coming here. let them continue to break the law and give them the same voting right as someone has broken the law? >> greg: i said they have to get in line behind everybody else. >> eric: you say illegal immigrants who will eventually get voting rights. >> greg: if they're good people who work hard, heck yes. the victory here is for the media academic complex. maybe argument for the border,
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sign of victory. if you want something that mexico has, you are somehow seen as racist. meanwhile, mexico, what is your role in all of this? nobody is trying to get in to your country. yet, you criticize our immigration policy. >> andrea: what do you think of this flan of course, security first. and chuck schumer and other democrats said we agree with that. there is an issue how long they want to make them wait. getting, to go to the back of the line is a fair policy. it's time that republicans embrace it. i long said that. >> bob: first, let me say this about rand paul. he has risen in my estimation, i was critical of him last year and probably not fairly. but i think this is a very reasoned he took here. it opens the way, we'll now have immigration reform. the question is -- >> eric: because of rand paul? >> bob: it opens up on the right. enough conservatives. >> eric: watch his ratings. watch what happens to the ratings. just watch.
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>> bob: this gets down to the question of status of residents. and the question is do you ultimately become a citizen where you become a person here legally being able to work. you know, do whatever you want to do here, except not vote. >> eric: rand paul had said that -- >> bob: the problem is it is that issue. citizenship. that even among conservative republican hispanics that is key in their mind to what would be a fair deal. george bush figured this out a long time ago. governor of texas. he never had a problem with it. >> eric: do you know what per sen tam of hispanics vote democrat? >> bob: sure i do. >> eric: 70%. 70% plus. i'm scratching my head trying to figure out why the number went from 20 million to 12 million. the rhetoric went to 12. i realize now because the democrats change the debate from 20 to 12 to make it look like there will be fewer votes
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they garner when they offer amnesty. >> bob: there were a lot of people that went back in the recession. leaving that aside. 15, it doesn't matter. in the end will there be a way after everybody who is legally here gets through that process. you can earn your right to citizenship. that for the republicans is the real test. i agree with greg about this. the democrats have had a very -- it's easy for them to accuse them of racism, because of illegal immigration. but it's like social security. we have own that issue. people are going to take advantage of it. if you take that away. i think you see the hispanics go to 40%. >> eric: wait a minute -- 40% of 12 million? 8 million of the 12 million will vote democrat. it's a no win. do you want to win a republican race, don't do this. >> bob: 2004, george bush got 44.3% of the hispanic vote. >> andrea: that becomes the question.
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is it about winning races or is it the right thing to do? or is it both? >> dana: thank you. i think that is the issue. i do not think you can run and govern a country band the leader of the free world if all you worry about is how they will vote if they get citizenship. you can give them everything else and not the one thing they want to be part of the free nation. to me that is unacceptable. i think there is a price to be paid. i have a husband who went through the legal immigration piece and he sat, had to take days off of work. believe me, the ins pretended he didn't exist. the i.r.s. found him immediately. take days off work and sit in the front row and have to spend hours waiting in order to get this. we are educated people with means. and resources. it's that difficult for us. the system is broken. not only that, if the high-tech companies really want to fulfill the jobs they have, that they say, however there are, 80,000 that microsoft put out the other day, that in the industry they don't have enough engineers,
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they are not going to be able to get that bill passed through this congress. thinking pragmatic i. will they won't get it done without a comprehensive piece. what rand paul did today is maybe he disappointed a lot of people in love with him last week. but i think the good thing about him is he has true core beliefs. there is a lot worse that you could have in washington today. >> andrea: i do doubt that the republican party will be able to pull the voters in the party. but from right thing to do perspective, i feel like is it the right thing to do. maybe that's just because of my father's story and i see how hard he worked. i do see that there is dependency issues. i get that with every gender and ethnicity. i get that. everybody is susceptible to this. from an economic standpoint, too, it may be economically sound. we have an aging population. we need to people to start paying in the programs. carlos gutierrez, on my radio show today he goes, "we don't have enough young people, andrea. what are we going to do?" >> bob: go back to the point
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that dana is making. there is a huge demand in high-tech for skilled engineers and mathematicians. they can't get that bill through. it won't happen without comprehensive -- we need those people. those people are getting educated here, some of the best ib institutions and going home to use it and compete against the skills, compete against americans. makes no sense. >> eric: be clear. no one is saying there shouldn't be immigration to the united states. we're saying there should be immigration, legal immigration. we should be welcoming the educated, the noncriminals. welcome them with open arms. bring them in. fine. just go through the process. do it the right way. fill out the paperwork. >> andrea: if you categorize them as somebody who broke the law, illegal and a criminal, what do we do with the millions of americans that are here if we don't allow them to get on a pathway, as long as it it would be citizenship? >> greg: the first thing you do is strengthen your border and you form the line. if you find somebody who is a criminal, they have to go. i mean, i don't see how --
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>> andrea: "criminal" being, do you consider them a criminal because they came here illegally or they came here and committed a crime? >> greg: i mean people doing bad stuff. i want to say there is, i can't remember who talked about it. but america was created by risk-makers. the people who came over here, risk their lives to come over here. i would rather have a person who risked their lives to come here and work hard. >> eric: no, no, no. look. >> greg: making a point. >> bob: we have had in our immigration policy a fast road to citizenship for people who have desperately needed jobs like engineers and mathematicians. we need more of those. that ought to be part of this bill. that you get a faster track -- >> dana: i'm for the non-educated, too. >> bob: yeah, both. >> andrea: i am, too. strong guest worker program. coming up, ten years ago today, the united states attacked iraq. we'll discuss how the country is faring post-saddam and debate the question a lot of people are asking. was it worth it? that's next on "the five."
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my fellow citizens, at
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this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. we will defend the freedom. we will bring freedom to others. we will prevail. >> greg: what is going on over there? all right. today is the tenth anniversary of the iraq war. all over the network you hear what did we learn? the media likes to say no more veet ma'am but when there is a war it's always a vietnam to them. it's the david/goliath narrative they can't shake. but the problem with iraq. we won. it wasn't pretty and you can question the cost definitely, but we won. the media is miffed. i'm ready for lecture, how immoral the war was and how you knew wmds war lie and it was about oil and enriching the defense industry and how unlike every other policy makers in world you didn't fall for it. i guess it's better to dither
2:20 pm
on the throne where things were different. i'll take the victory in iraq over humiliation in benghazi any day. nearly everyone thought there were wmds, a notion saddam let lie. how different was the suspicion from the current concerns in iran? for the iraqi people, the wmd was hussein, himself. why we left him there in '91, who the hell knows? i just heard someone say the war was a blot on our combat history. hell no. the surge showed when you decide to win, you win. i don't need an american hating media to clang their naval gazing bell. especially when things turned out better. this anniversary is for the troops and those who benefited from their bravery. honor those lost. for those alive, shake their hand and tell them great job, because it was. do you think the world is better off without saddam hussein? >> andrea: i do. i think he was a mad man that needed to be taken out because the evidence we had at the
2:21 pm
time showed he was a threat. that is my view how we should intervene in the other countries. i think there is a belief that when the u.s. military takes action we have an obligation to do more than just destroy the regime that is threatening us. we have had this since the marshal plan. when we have an enemy, we go in an take them out. no insurgency. no morale building. no democracy promotion. i think we are dealing with a different society. i didn't see paul revere on a horse in tahrir square. and i think we lost a lot of blood and treasure unnecessarily after we could have taken him out and gotten the heck out. >> greg: bob, isn't that the story, '91? that was always going to be the mistake. we left him there. we let down the kurds. >> bob: but there is a lot of arguments about that. control lip powell said george
2:22 pm
h.w. bush if you go up that highway, you have to take control of this country. we were not prepared to do it. didn't have the people to do it. i think bush made the right call. the other thing to keep in mind here, when you talk about the media remember most of the media, main stream media you keep talking about here were behind the war in iraq when it started. in fact, they were embedded reporters in all the different troops. over time -- >> dana: that was for transparency. not to get behind the war. >> bob: but when they got there, there are very few people against the war in the press, if i remember right. right at the beginning. it changed as time went along. the issue asfa as i'm concerned i was opposed to the war in the beginning and opposed to it now. i won't get in the deaths and the people who were wounded but the rising of iran is the single fall-out of this. saddam hussein whatever you
2:23 pm
thought of him never would have allowed iran to nuclear weapons. >> greg: what do you think? >> dana: it can be looked at from that way or the other way, if saddam hussein who had used chemical weapons in the past who designed an plan to make a nuclear weapon that the arms race would be much more intense right now if he were in power. mideast would be more unstable than today. >> greg: what do you think of the intel playing a role in this? >> dana: i went back and read president bush's chapter on this today. interesting, because there is a paragraph he describes when they found out that the information that the c.i.a. provided was wrong, that he decided right then and there he was never going to blame them. but he was going to try to find out how they could prevent it from happening again. that's how they got the nonpartisan commission. and the country is better off for it. on the 17 u.n. resolutions in front of -- they were questioning saddam hussein. on the last resolution, it was
2:24 pm
a vote of 15-0 in the national security council. russia, china and syria voted. it wasn't as if it was a republican idea. the world thought saddam hussein -- >> greg: you can't get that -- >> dana: you can't get that cooperation now. >> greg: what do you think, eric? >> eric: let's talk about what happened. remember that saddam hussein aligned his troops. he took the border of kuwait and he was going to kuwait. not speculation if he was a bad guy. he was a bad guy. he didn't go to kuwait. he lined them up and we did desert storm and stopped them. he lit the kuwaiti oil field on fire but didn't go to kuwait to take the country down. he decided to light the oil fields on fire. we had to take saddam hussein out. we had been punched in the face with 9/11. afghanistan war was starting up. we had to do what we did. it's the smartest thing george bush did. restored confidence in america. >> dana: one other point. a tease. quad gaddafi -- six days after
2:25 pm
hussein was discovered in the hole, gaddafi gave up the plans. >> bob: don't you remember the story of dumping babies out of incubators and -- >> eric: they had him on the border. oil fields were on the border. he was going to take the oil fields hand couldn't take them and so he lit them on fire. >> dana: we need schwarzkopf's map. >> bob: you are wrong on that. you remember the guy went with him, the guy with the helmet. who was that guy? the kuwaiti guy with the big tank helmet, looked like patton. interesting guy. >> greg: all right. ahead. new developments on the attack on the consulate in benghazi. major victory for gun owners in america next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: uh-oh. dems have a problem with the so-called assault weapons been a. they can't get enough of their own people to support it. dianne feinstein got a call from reid who told feinstein the ban on assault weapons is removed from the gun bill hitting the senate floor. as predicted, the senate would never get the legislation to the senate floor. why here, why now? what is going on? >> andrea: i don't think they ever had the vote for the assault weapons ban. they thought including it in the larmer packal, it would have dragged the bill back. they want to pass something, the white house wants to pass something. the president's poll numbers are not doing well. they are lagging. they figure let's take it out and offer it as an amendment.
2:31 pm
she can be happy on her own and it doesn't slow down the larger comprehensive packal of gun control, which is what they want to do and do it quickly. >> eric: the numbers they put out even as an amendment gets 40 votes. greg, the stuff they are trying to push through, is log call stuff. let's -- logical stuff. let's stop illegal trafficking. you need a bill to tell you that? >> greg: it would be nice to get hands out of craz crazy peo. crazy people and gun-free zones, that has always been the problem. you know what i like about the story? surprise among both coasts. the media, because they don't know people with guns. they think everybody's hobbies stop at yoga. >> eric: was there any question that harry reid would not bring it to the floor? >> dana: he was letting the process run to see if there was momentum for it. if she had 60 votes the white
2:32 pm
house would have said push this through. you have haven't washed "house of cards" yet but this is something that majority whip francis, whatchamacallit he would have said let's stop it. interesting off the momentum last week, in the media after her exchange with senator ted cruz. it seemed like she said i'm not a sixth grader. i know what i'm doing. harry reid said it won't pass. >> eric: chalk it up to your friends, bob. >> bob: going to easter recess. three bills on the floor. on any one of those, feinstein will offer an amendment on her weapons ban. it won't get 40 votes. i think she will get a clip vote. that has a chance to pass if she puts it on the background check bill. >> eric: it's not on there
2:33 pm
right now. >> bob: that's what i mean. reid said bring them up as amendments to see what you do as amendments. i think she will make them smaller clips. >> eric: we have other news. following a story from day one. hacker named gossifer hacked hillary clinton e-mail -- sorry, he hacked to another gentleman's e-mail account and sending e-mails to hillary clinton. hillary may have gotten information from benghazi. take a listen when jay carney was asked about it. i believe it was today. >> to your knowledge has president obama made any effort to meet with or speak with any of the benghazi survivors himself? >> we don't talk about specifics in terms of the president's visits to walter reid. >> or elsewhere? >> i don't have anything for you on that. i don't have the answer to that question. >> eric: asking carney about the allegedly 33 eyewitnesses, survivors of benghazi.
2:34 pm
your halts? >> greg: they keep saying we went to a republican president, coverup. when it's a democratic president, just shut up. where are the 33 survivors? these people were part of a horrible event. no one heard from them. >> eric: they have the film. >> bob: they have hidden it some place. >> dana: maybe the f.b.i. has interviewed them. it's strange that it has gone on this long. i understand why people are concerned about it. if you talk to the 33 people you don't get to the key question asking who pushed the video? they had nothing to do with that. they might be upset that the video was used as an excuse and it wasn't true. you have won't find the answer to that with the 32 people. >> andrea: they're afraid that they might say what
2:35 pm
ambassador's diary said. we asked for help, not just the day but the months that led up to that. i thought the answer was ridiculous. i don't comment on the president's meetings when they asked him, james rosen asked about elsewhere or anywhere? you won't comment? we should hear from them. i don't think it's weird we haven't. it's odd that access by lawmakers to get to them has been stymied. that is a strange thing. why can't members get access to these victims? >> bob: touch on what you mentioned about the e-mails. not one of them has surfaced. so until we see an official e-mail, you are playing around with a story with no basis. >> eric: greg? >> greg: i kind -- i don't know. i'm so not a fan of attacking stuff. i don't care who it happens to. it scares the heck out of me.
2:36 pm
i have so many e-mails i'm scared of. dabs you invited them to check. >> greg: they would be bore bored. >> andrea: another point on benghazi maybe they don't want to see survivors because kathryn bigelow could hear their testimony and make a movie about it. this isn't one they want made. >> eric: before we go, can i put something up. bob was right. the producers told me in my ear, saddam hussein did make it to kuwait city on his way back. afterward he lit it on fire. it stand corrected. do you think the character satan in history channel "the bible" looks like you know who? president obama? everyone is talking about it so we will ahead. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, deadly bockings on the tenth anniversary of the start of the iraq war. today, marked by a dozen bombings in baghdad. 55 people have been killed. almost 200 wounded. those numbers could wise. we check in live in baghdad. we talk with the americans who fired the first shot in 2003. in syria, accusations, chemical weapons have been used. the government blamees the rebels, the rebels blame the government. no confirmation yet. president obama said the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line invoking harsh consequences. now what? a horrible accident late last night at a military depot inness. seven marines were killed. we will show you how a senator is using as a tool. ed when i have in israel ahead
2:42 pm
of the president's trip there. "special report" at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: switching gears. greg likes the music. friendship bracelets, those are days. long for those? summer camp. there is a new business. american camp association says 1 million grown-ups signed up last summer, not as counselor but there to attend. 800 adults nationwide camps. there is all sort of things you can do. i was going to ask, i have suggests for what people could do. did you go to summer camp? >> greg: i hated you it. i got worms. >> dana: what else happened? >> greg: a female counselor
2:43 pm
had a mustache. >> dana: you said you got homesick? >> greg: i did. it hated every day. i didn't like it. >> dana: i love camp. you went to camp. >> eric: i went to basketball camp every summer. >> dana: you ship your kid off to summer camp for six weeks in the summer. >> eric: the most depressing day of my year. >> greg: but he is ecstatic. >> dana: what camp does he go to? >> eric: all sports. >> dana: are you a camper? >> bob: no. i was thrown out of the boy scouts. >> eric: for what? >> andrea: i went to camp. i didn't like it. i didn't like the outdoor activity. i left brand nakedest and they were covered in slugs. >> dana: eric, i have a suggestion for adult summer camp. what about zombie survive camp. nra firearm instructors, martial art instructorsi.'s
2:44 pm
$149 a day. weekend $425. not that i'm a travel agent. bob, here is up with for you. the world poker tour camp. >> bob: i like that. >> dana: they were excited to be named on here and said they would comp you a table. get your vacation plans in. arrange it. andrea? what about wine tasting camp? >> andrea: i thought you were going to say the rock 'n' roll camp, you play with def leopard. i'll gladly take the wine camp. >> dana: i thought you mike like that. greg, coney island has one, the usa sideshow school to earn fire eating and snake charming, walk on glass and stuff like that. you're the right size. >> greg: i am. they should have a camp for people who stalk campers. so you have the camps that are in the area. but then you go to join a camp to hang out in the woods with a machete. you are the scary person coming out of the woods. >> bob: that's the voyeur
2:45 pm
camp. 'canes is entrepreneurship the country needs. >> greg: you could be the freaky bad guy camp. tell ghost stories you need someone to come up behind you and attack you. >> dana: i have good one for kimberly. we could all go. covert tops adventure. go for is -- covert tops ops adventure. learn special forces. in arizona. camps over places, too. >> andrea: i think of vacation, and i don't think of the scheduled activity. i think of a beach, margarita. >> greg: booze camp. >> dana: if we had had more time, we could talk about it is. it baby boomers wanting to go back to the childhood? >> bob: it is. i opened a dude ranch for guys in montana. we had people come. i tell you they wanted to relive the childhood and get on horses. you know how dumb horses can be on occasion, and in the pleased with people on top of them. the cowboys got underneath the
2:46 pm
trees and took a siesta and the dudes were driving cattle -- >> dana: worried about liability? >> bob: we got sued a couple of times. grassy mountain ranch in thousand montana. 6,000 acres. we lost a couple of campers for a couple of days. >> andrea: you seem like a good babysitter. >> dana: wow! these other camps are safe. >> greg: i had a dude ranch as well but a different thing. >> dana: i want want to talk about your camp. >> andrea: leather chaps. >> dana: basement camp. don't go, kids. coming up, question about history channel new hit series "the bible." some people think the actor playing the devil looks like the president. is it a plan or a coincidence? we will tell you what the producers are saying next on "the five." ♪ ♪ (dog) larry,larry,larrryyy.
2:47 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bob: was president obama the inspiration for satan? not just here on "the five" but as a character in the history channel new hit series
2:51 pm
"bible." if you look at the pictures side-by-side, they do look a lot alike. history channel says absolutely not. highest respect for the president. producer mark brunett call it nonsense and say the moroccan actor, and i can't pronounce his name so i won't, cast as satan starred in similar roles, one before president obama was in office. for everyone here says hollywood goes lays down for president obama, i don't care what they say about this. >> greg: this is your one reason. >> bob: that is too striking similarity to think someone didn't do that. it was a purposefully done and horrible. >> greg: so you are saying that support from obama in the media went from 99% to 98%. >> bob: it's moving in the right direction isn't it? >> greg: you put them side-by-side it's obama now and obama in three years. that's the office does do. then's me.
2:52 pm
>> eric: so, can i name-drop? i know mark brunnett very well, one of the nicest people on the planet. no way he would have done something like that. let me prove the point. show a picture of this guy when he's not playing the rel of satan? there. that doesn't look anything like obama. >> greg: so he did make him look like obama? bob is right! >> bob: exactly right. >> dana: i don't think the picture helps the case. >> eric: that picture? >> bob: no. >> greg: you convinced me. >> andrea: that looks like juan valdez. i want to know mini series, i don't think it looks like president obama at all, at all. i want to know what mark brunett has against def leopard. that's from the "rock of ages" video. that looks like just like -- that is not the best clip. anyway. >> bob: i'm telling you,
2:53 pm
your point makes my point. that dude, they had to make him look like obama. >> eric: stop it. >> dana: bob, what did you say when the other movie used the george w. bush mask as like one of the murder killers -- >> greg: his head in "game of thrones." >> dana: right. is that hollywood against george w. bush? >> greg: they admitted to doing that. >> andrea: we did it as a topic on the show. >> bob: we did? you know there are many topics i miss. freddie i think the conclusion here -- >> greg: i think the conclusion here is whether or not the actor was made to look like obama or not. obama should be impeached. dabs >> dana: just for -- >> greg: because he looks like satan. that is conclusion. north dakota is a record-breaker. 12 million people viewing it. i'm a daily reader of the bible and i don't thin find it good. the music too loud. it does not follow biblical tradition. >> andrea: it's hard to do the bible.
2:54 pm
mel gibson did it -- >> dana: we have to wait to find out, wait to find out about this until bill o'reilly next book comes out. "killing jesus" and find out everything you wonder about the bible in that book. >> bob: he can answer this. after 2 ,500 years. all right. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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>> andrea: it's time now for one more thing. >> eric: by the way, producers get involved, can't remember the one more thing. it come home the other day and look what i found in my house. here are these two adorable puppies michigan wife brought them home. at the animal shelter. one can chloe, i can't remember the other name. go to my facebook page find out where they are adoptable. they have a bunch of puppies. >> dana: are you going to keep them? >> eric: do me a favor. good point. tuke me so i can get rid of the dog. >> andrea: you still have them? >> eric: but they're ready. >> bob: everybody drops your dog off on your front lawn. >> andrea: so cute. greg? >> greg: this blows my mind. the white house warning ticketholders of the easter egg hunt because of the sequestration they might not
2:59 pm
have the easter egg hunt. i have decided, eric out of t goodness of my heart for the kids i'm sponsoring an easter egg hunt in my apartment. i am even going to pay the $20 for the easter egg hunt. so tweet me. #gregroll. you like that? #gregroll. you may be eligible to participate in the apartment easter egg hunt. you have to be over 18. >> andrea: you can dress up as the easter bunny. >> bob: i have done that before. >> greg: downtown, though. >> andrea: a lot of people want to know what happens behind the scenes at fock news. one man makes it work every day. the reason we're number one. he is our boss and ceo, ronaler ale. a great book about him now. called "ronaler ale off camera" but chaffitz. he was on last night with sean